Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hot Defined?

Today as I was laying around feeling very sick the only thing I had to look at was my bookshelf with books stuffed in it at every angle and lots of old pictures in silly cheap frames. There are several pictures of my Darling Husband in our early, pre-kid years. I was remembering when I chose those pictures to frame and why - I thought he looked hot, why else? What are they pictures of? Him wrenching on the cars...reading and looking all studious...on his motorcycle in his leathers.

So I got to thinking, why and what makes you look at your partner and think - I don't care if your feet stink or you left the toilet seat up for the millionth time, I want ya' baby, something bad!?

I have come to realized over the years that I totally get hot for my hubby when he is doing something manly. WHOA. Wait a minute here. I'm an evolved girl, how could I be so shallow?! I DON'T KNOW. But I tell you, when I see said husband all sweaty and digging a hole or all greasy sticking out from under a car, I have an impulsive reaction of, yuuuuuumy. What is that?!

When he is on his cruiser (our big old flame covered Victory) I'm all about that manly hunk o' meat! Huh? He's lifting something huge and heavy and I'm all, Yeah baby wanna' lift me?! What the? And even though this hasn't happened since he had lasik, when he is kicked back all manly in the big chair reading some thick intellectual book that I would never touch, with his glasses and stroking his goatee like he's thinking something hard. Hmmmmmm, the quiet intellectual manly-man I could take some of THAT. Where the feck is this coming from?!

Are we all this...this simple? Is it just me?

On one hand I have to appreciate that my attraction to partner-whom-I'm-chained-to-for-eternity is so basic. I mean I can always fall back on that right? Feeling out of like? Hand him a shovel and convince him to dig a hole while I sit back and admire the man-ness oozing from him. Wanna' have some fun? Loosen the drain plug on the van and watch him slide under and come out all oil covered and ready to go!

On the other hand (and this is where I obviously think too much) I wonder, are we all this basic? Are we driven by these basic human urges and desires that really boil down to grunting and being dragged around by our hair? That all the couples therapy and self help books and talk, talk, talking can't even touch?

I wonder, what is it about me that keeps Darling Husband coming back for more? I'm beginning to think it isn't what the media tells me...fix your hair, do your nails. It's probably my baking or the way I fold towels, something disgustingly role-of-the-woman. I don't know. I do know that he's on me when I feel the crappiest. When I'm like, you want a piece of THIS?! WTF?!

I guess I totally get The Pioneer Woman's gig with Marlboro Man. What is it about your partner that makes you stop what your doing and lose your train of thought? Makes you want to jump them like monkeys in the jungle? Come on, help a girl sort out her issues - share a little!


Jogger said...

The reality is that it is completely primal. As unfortunate as it may be. Personally, it seems that the traits that I find sexiest in him are the ones that are weakest in me. I can fix things, build things, put things together...I don't get hot and bothered when he does those things.

However...when he puts his po-po uniform on, and I know that he's going out into the mean world to uphold the law. Fight off criminals. Be brave.'s a done deal. And it's not just the uniform. It's the **idea** that he is brave and strong and being a protector.

Totally caveman stuff here.

As far as he goes, I know for a fact that if I didn't/couldn't cook, he wouldn't love me as much. He's confirmed this. In words. From his mouth.

I'd love to think that there is someone out there who is more evolved than I...someone who doesn't rely on these instinctual things to gauge their love-o-meter. However, I just think that the science of it all is too much to argue with.

D3@n said...

You have great taste in men, I have to say. I think he's hot, too. hehehehe

AmyAnne said...

Oh, I can totally see how the uniform/protector thing would do it.

This morning darling husband told me he gets hot seeing me cook. Cook!! Ok, if you knew me you'd know that a) I've only been cooking for 4 years. b) Before that when I did cook it was beyond disastrous. Like urban legend bad. c) What the heck was he looking at for the previous 12 years?!

Jeanie said...

I read this while staying at the yoga retreat center in the Bahamas. It is an Ashram with real live Swami's. Two other women and me, all past our 40's were discussing men and how attracted we are to them when they are working. Two of us have carpenters for partners and we love it when they have their tool belts on and dripping of sweat and saw dust all up and down their arms, this is a turn on. This is all being discussed at the dinner table of a holy Ashram; funny. I told them I had just read a blog about this and would forward it to them.

AmyAnne said...

jeanine - That's great! I LOVE it! I am insidious! Mwuahahahahah!

More examples that people who will never comment have shared with me:

I have one friend who likes it when her husband has a baseball cap on and looks 'all american' in jeans and t-shirt and all.

I have another friend who's husband likes it when she is 'busy.' He comes up behind her at the sink while she is doing dishes and says "What? I like it when you are busy." WTF?! Talk about the least opportune time!