Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thanks Anyways

My friend, the preschool teacher, was telling me about this particular kid in her class who was a miracle baby. The mother has diabetes and worried she could not have her own children. When her son was born she was so happy and joyful and continues to be. Everyone is inspired by how much joy she clearly gets from parenting this little boy.

This friend, who is also a mother of 5 mind you, (and should really have a blog of her own - see Outtakes ) says to me that when she sees this mom and thinks about her own children she feels kind of like the kid who opens a fabulous present at her birthday party, surrounded by family and friends - everyone else is impressed with this present and the kid, well, she looks at it and says, "Awww, I already have one of those."

P.S. I am being asked to add that this friend of mine really loves her kids. She says they are little blessings, every single one of them. All 50 of their fingers and toes even. Each one an unbelievable blessing. Even when she thinks they are all fast asleep but is told by the officer checking on the 911 call dispatch received that probably one of them is awake and practicing their numbers.

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