Monday, May 10, 2010

The Importance of a Family Vacation is….

The reason I'm writing about this is to enter a contest that will give me a chance to vacation by myself in NYC while attending BlogHer. How awesome would that be? Awesome. But what's more awesome than that? The family vacation!

I am a HUGE cheerleader for two things: family dinners and family vacations. They bring a family together. Having dinner together makes you touch base once a day. Family dinner can make a family feel more like a team in many ways. A family vacation is that times 100. When you take your family out of their everyday setting and everyday distractions, you make the opportunity for everyone to look at each other and the roles we all play in a fresh and new way. Family vacations can be refreshing and relaxing, invigorating and renewing, or a down right disaster. Strangely, the disasters produce the most likely to be told and re-told again stories. Whatever you have planned or whatever ends up happening the end result will be shared experiences. These memories are the glue that bonds a family together. The stories told until you are old and gray. They bring the laughter that follows the story of being pushed into a lake or finding a bear in your camp and running like a baby. (For the record, that was NOT me.)

Family vacations, whether at a resort or at a state campground, are amazing, team building, memory making experiences that are always worth the effort and inevitable exhaustion for which you will need another week to recover from.
I am writing this post to participate in the Golden Inn Resort “What is the importance of a Vacation” sweepstakes for a chance to randomly win a full conference ticket to Blogher 2010. You can learn more about the Jersey Shore Resort and contest at their blog


The Mother said...

Agreed, to all of the above.

While family vacations are dressing on the turkey, family dinners are the key to family life. They are the glue that holds families together.

Friday night (shabbat) dinners in our house are sacrosanct (in the decidedly nontheistic use of that word). You need a dispensation from the Pope himself to miss them.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Good luck in your contest endeavor!

soccermom said...

I am big on family dinners. but they hardly ever happen at my house. My kids are 15 & 20 and pretty much everyone eats when ever and not together. Makes me sad.

parenting ad absurdum said...

Great post mama - you deserve to win. Btw, I adore your picture of the blankie washing torture! It's exactly the same at my house...