Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Late Showers & Awesome Nails

I seriously need to update the header up there. The fourth monkey is almost a year and a half now. And she has red hair! Red! Oh so much has happened that I totally want to (but might never get around to) write about. I am the parent of a teenager now. TEENAGER. Clearly this phase is gonna take a lot more duct tape than I had previously imagined. Meanwhile, back at the bat cave, I have found no (legal) method of slowing the cute ones from growing. The baby is walking. Walking. This blows my mind. Along with pop rocks and these cool new nail polish strips my friend Michelle turned me on to. My nails look so cool that I can't stop staring at them. Mind blown. And. AND. That baby? She talks. Gah. I blame the three older sisters for that. Yapping away all day... actually, I blame the three older sisters for all of it! The walking, the talking, the picky eating. It is all their fault. This is why the baby is my favorite. Unless she's spitting peas at me, then the closest one that's not giving me stink eye is my favorite. I tell them all they are my favorite. The two oldest ones finally caught on. What?! I'm just being honest. It would be too much pressure to make one of them my favorite *all* of the time. Can you imagine carrying that umbilical cord, I mean, burden around all your life. No crack or table dancing for that kid. Geesh.

So, now I have to go take a shower because that has become my first daily goal: take a shower before noon. This happens sometimes before my glass of wine and sometimes after, in which case I don't care if it's 2pm 5pm and I'm just getting around to hosing myself off.